The Board of Deacons shall:

  • share with the Pastor(s) the responsibility for the spiritual life of the Church, with the assistance of the staff person(s) for Music and the staff person(s) for Christian Education;
  • be responsible for all aspects of Pastoral performance and report any Pastoral misconduct to the RI UCC Church and Ministry Committee;
  • schedule regular services of worship; assist in the administration of Communion and Baptism;
  • arrange for ushers and lay readers as necessary for each service;
  • cause appropriate activities to be arranged to assist members in their spiritual life at church, at home or where ever the need exists; ensure that flowers or other appropriate decorations are provided in Church for services and other special events;
  • ensure that appropriate hospitality is provided in connection with church services and special events, including memorials; be responsible, in coordination with the Pastor, for maintaining appropriate contact with and support of members and their families in times of illness or crises;
  • arrange for the temporary supply of the pulpit during the vacation, illness or other temporary absence of the settled Pastor;
  • recruit former Deacons as needed to perform diaconal functions; and
  • assign a Deacon to participate on the Music Committee;

when necessary,

  • submit to Council for approval the names of active members to serve on a Search Committee for an Interim Pastor (See Article Seven – Leadership Development Committee), such committee to report to the Board of Deacons;
  • upon completion of the search for an Interim Pastor recommend to the Council the name of a candidate(s) for consideration by the Council for hiring as Interim Pastor.

Co-Chairs of the board of Deacons: Susan Berman and Frank Lenox

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