The Leadership Development Committee shall:

  • report to the Church Council;
  • be nominated by the Council;
  • develop leadership capacity for the church from within the existing membership on an on-going basis;
  • conduct orientation and training of new Board and committee members;
  • consist of members nominated by the Council and elected by the Congregation;
  • identify individuals to fill all vacancies among the elected officers, at-large Council positions, Boards, Standing committees, and delegates that are elected by the Congregation;
  • serve as a resource to the Council or Board to help identify individuals to fill vacancies among the positions appointed by the Council or a Board;
  • obtain permission from each identified individual to place his/her name into nomination at appropriate congregational, council or board meeting;
  • conduct a systematic and thorough process to identify active members to serve on a Pastoral Search Committee;
    • A) consist of seven (7) to twelve (12) persons, who shall, to the greatest extent possible, reflect the general diversity of the congregation;
    • B) be approved by the Council and elected by the congregation;
    • C) seek the advice of the Rhode Island Conference of the United Church of Christ in its search for a Pastor;
    • D) conduct such search and consultation as it deems appropriate;
    • E) nominate a new pastor;
    • F) develop a call in coordination with the Council; and
    • G) present such call at a meeting of the church called for the purpose of acting on such nomination.
  • suggest candidates to serve on a search committee for an Interim Pastor and submit the names of such candidates to the Board of Deacons.

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