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Dear Friends,

In the next few weeks, you will hear testimonials by members during worship (in person or on our website) that will serve as moving reminders of the many ways in which our church is rooted in love. Our stewardship theme, “Rooted in Love,” invokes the words of the Psalmist:

“They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season.”

As we think about this verse, it reminds us of all the ways our congregation roots our lives: worship, friendship, service, justice, prayer. Our congregation is that stream of water which nourishes our souls. Our gifts to our congregation grow from this experience of love.

On Sunday, March 6, we are celebrating being “Rooted in Love” with a Stewardship Brunch following worship. You are enthusiastically invited to be part of this fun and delicious event! We’ll enjoy good food, good company, and good conversation: rooting us even deeper in love of God, our church, our neighbor.

Generosity in all its forms comes as our expression of gratitude for this community. The work of our church can happen because of the generous financial and volunteer support of our community. Because of you, our congregation shares God’s love. In the last year, even under some trying circumstances, our church has grown its outreach and its programs, rooting us even more deeply in love.

We’ve welcomed 12 new members; we’ve restarted our Confirmation program, this year helping four young teens explore the meaning of their faith; we’ve started a hands-on helping ministry, “Helping Hands Network,” that assists members in times of stress with meals, errands, rides; we’ve initiated a new caring ministry, “Called to Care,” with 12 adults commissioned to bring warmth and care to members at home who could use friendly support; we’ve enlarged our online offerings through a new and improved website, now welcoming many online worshippers Sunday mornings and throughout the week; we’ve supported important and critical needs through our Mission and Social Justice giving and activity, including supporting hunger relief and housing insecurity right here in South County and around the world. And we’ve held each in prayer and love through our new online prayer chain. We’ve continued to welcome the children, visit the sick, comfort the grieving, and unite our hearts and voices in worship. With hearts, hands, minds, and spirits we’ve loved God and our neighbor well. Amen, Church!

While there are many ways to support the congregation, our annual campaign provides a chance to think in a particular and prayerful way about the choices we make with our money in support of the church. Pledges of financial support provide about 2/3 of our budget as a congregation. Without your gifts to the annual pledge campaign we would not be able to engage in the programs, projects, ministry and worship experiences that define our community life.

Deciding how much of our income to donate to charitable organizations can be difficult. We encourage the Biblical model of a tithe, a gift of 10% of one’s income to charity. Knowing that our church is one among many organizations doing good and meaningful work, we encourage our community to think of a tithe as giving 5% of income to the work of our church and 5% to the work of other charities one supports. We see tithing as the goal in our practice of abundant generosity. Some in our community already tithe, providing 5% or more of their annual income to our congregation. We are grateful for the leadership and example giving at this level sets.

We ask you take a look at the Recommended Giving Form:

Online Form
Printed Form.

We are encouraging everyone in our church family to pledge or increase their pledge. You will see that even modest increases in weekly or monthly giving could make a big difference in our church’s capacity to live out its mission and meet the needs of neighbors. Making a pledge helps us to be faithful and planful in meeting our goals for mission and ministry in the year to come. Every commitment, no matter the size, is a commitment of faith and love, helping us to be more fully rooted in God! Thank you for what you can pledge!

With deep thanksgiving for your partnership in ministry,

The KCC Stewardship Task Force:
Doug Kraus, Evan Pressier, Louise Pearson, Susan Berman, Lisa Bowe, Loretta Shaw, Rev. Jan

Note -Your donation to our church is received with great joy and gratitude. At this time, we do not an offer an online donation option. Checks can be mailed to Kingston Congregational Church, 2610 Kingstown Road, Kingston, RI 02881

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