Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee shall:

  • report to the church council
  • be nominated by the Leadership Development Committee with input from the Council;
  • consist of three members
  • develop, administer, and maintain personnel policies, practices, procedures and the employee handbook for all church employees and/or those volunteers who fill a position of responsibility;
  • submit such items mentioned above to the Council for approval;
  • coordinate such items, with the appropriate Boards, committees or individuals that have supervisory roles for the employees and/or volunteers so identified;
  • disseminate the items in a timely manner to all Boards, committees, employees, volunteers and the congregation as needed;
  • participate on an advisory basis in the hiring, appointing and/or dismissal of all non-pastoral staff and volunteers; and
  • review job/position descriptions for all staff and/or volunteer positions in conjunction with the appropriate Board or committee to ensure compliance with appropriate laws, and the church by-laws, policies and procedures.

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