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Rem and Lori Remington live in North Kingstown with their son, Josh, a recent URI graduate. Rem works for Balise Toyota as an automotive service technician, Lori is assistant manager at Cap’N Jack’s in East Matunuck. Rem relaxes with good science fiction, or outdoors camping, hiking and playing disc golf. Lori likes to knit and gardening with plants and flowers. Josh studied Information Technology at URI and is an Eagle Scout. He likes to play soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.

Q. What gets you motivated to come to church on Sunday morning?
God, Jesus Christ, and the people at KCC!

Q. What has your faith journey been?
Lori was raised and confirmed as a Catholic. Rem has been part of the Congregational faith tradition my whole life and was raised at Peace Dale Congregational Church. We were out of touch with church for about fifteen years but started wondering how to teach our son about God. My sister-in-law told me to check out Kingston Congregational Church. So I went to one service, listened to the sermon and thought, “This is what I’ve been missing.” The rest is history and our son was confirmed at KCC on May 19, 2013.

Q. How have you witnessed God’s presence in your life?
A. Our life is blessed. We see God in nature, science, and the people of Kingston Congregational Church.

Q. What are the people like here?
A. The people here are caring, giving, living. We witness people caring, giving, loving, and living every time we interact with people from this congregation.

Q. What don’t we know about you?
A. Lori likes green, Rem likes Skyrim, our son is flyn-ginger.

Q. What do you appreciate about being part of this faith community? How has it affected your life?
A. Well, we are busier because of KCC because we always want to help. We appreciate that we always have a safe place to go at KCC and the loving people.

Q. What church activities have you or are you involved in?
A. Lori is active in the Women’s Fellowship. Our son was active in the senior high youth group activities. Rem serves on the board of Christian education, the Leadership Committee, and Tech Team. We love the progressive dinner!

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