Repair What’s Broken: Luke 19:1-10

Sunday, February 27 – Repair What’s Broken (final week of our “Confess” unit/practice)
Jesus extends friendship and a second chance to Zacchaeus, the short little guy in the tree. And Zacchaeus responds by making amends for the wrongs he’s done. Jesus inspires us to not just admit where we’ve erred, but do our best to repair the damage. 

This Sunday, join Rev. Dr. Jan Gregory-Charpentier, Deacon Brook Ross, Cheryl Wilga, Enrico Garzilli & the KCC choir, Michelle Girasole and others for Sunday worship. The flowers this week were given by Paul Schubert & Lora Hahn-Schubert in loving memory of Paul’s parents Frank & Lois Schubert and Lora’s father Thomas Hahn. Sermon text here.

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