Challenge “Othering”: Luke 7:36-50

SCRIPTURE READING: Sunday, October 31: Luke 7:36-50

Challenge “Othering”(4th Week of our “Welcome All” unit/practice)
In this story, a version of which is shared in all four gospels, a woman anoints Jesus with costly perfume. The host of this meal is Simon the Pharisee who talks about and treats the woman as “other.” Our Follow Me curriculum editors write: “In communication studies, the word other is used as a verb, describing the verbal process of setting up another group of people as different, separate, and inferior.” In this story, and consistently, Jesus challenged “othering.” As his followers, we are called to do the same. 

This Sunday, join Rev. Jan, Margaret Bradley, Amy Monahan, Enrico Garzilli & the KCC choir, Michelle Girasole, and others for Sunday worship. Read sermon text here, “Love Sees No Other”

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