KCC Kids to Install Butterfly Garden

This spring and summer, the children of KCC will be focusing on caring for God’s creation, and helping the butterfly population of Kingston Village and beyond. During our Church School program on Sundays, Heather Ross and Church School Director Michelle Girasole are assisting the children in planning a church courtyard garden environment that will help caterpillars to transform into butterflies, which help pollinate local plants.

It all starts with milkweed, which the caterpillars eat to bulk up for their cocoon stage. Heather partnered with a local gentleman who has given away thousands of rose milkweed plants in past years. View the photos below to see how the kids are used recycled materials to start the seeds into seedlings, which will be given away at the Kingston Village Fair on May 21st. It is our hope that many people will take these plants to encourage happy, healthy caterpillars and butterflies all around town!


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