Event Series: “Living Faith – Leading a Spiritual Life in a Secular World”

Lenten Series, Monday evenings, beginning in March

Learn, practice and share some spiritual practices for everyday life. Bring Sunday into Monday-Saturday. No experience needed; we’re all beginners when it comes to God!

Join us on Monday evenings in Lent, 7:00-8:30 p.m. – either in person in the Fireplace Room at church (preferably) or on Zoom (if necessary), starting Monday, March 7. With Rev. Jan’s leadership, this group will explore six Christian practices for connecting deeply with God, self and neighbor. Each session builds on the last. Each session will include a short presentation, discussion and in-session practice. Some between session readings and practices will be suggested and strongly recommended.

Unlike the usual Adult Christian Education and Spirituality (ACES) meetings, attendees should plan to attend all or most of the sessions. Registration and covenant of participation is required – please register online with this link.


March 7 PRESENCE: “being here now,” 

March 14 OPENNESS: listening for the Spirit

March 21 DIALOGUE: responding to what is

March 28 DISCERNING: letting the heart lead

April 4 LETTING GO: choosing God/love

April 11 ENGAGEMENT: living from a listening heart


I commit to the best of my ability to:

  1. Weekly attendance, in session participation, between session practices.
  2. An open attitude and heart: “a holy curiosity” in the face of difference and “a generous spirit” seeking to understand myself and others.
  3. A willingness to share my thoughts and experiences (though I don’t have to be an extravert, “simply observing” is not an option).
  4. Keep confidence: share only my words and experience outside the group, not those of others.


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