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“What a spirit-filled, FUN evening we had with singer/songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine! Our opener Harold Ambler was fantastic, too.” ~ Eden Casteel

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Kingston Congregational Church is proud to welcome singer/songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine for an evening of soul-satisfying music. Valentine will perform in the KCC Fellowship Hall, Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 7:00 pm. The KCC Choir will join Valentine for one of his original songs. Suggested donation of $20 for general admission, suggested donation $10 for seniors and students. Tickets are available after services at KCC, at the door, and online through Eventbrite: Eventbrite Ticket Link

Growing up and emerging out of a Baptist Church of strict lines and sharp edges, Bobby Jo Valentine has emerged into a larger, kinder, more welcoming faith…one that is excited to learn, open to growth, and focused on love.  Bobby Jo Valentine’s music exists outside the lines of any genre, but the music’s thoughtful, spirit focused lyrics and catchy melodies reach listeners across all walks of life.

Kingston Congregational Church is a Christian Church that supports each person’s spiritual journey through the communal pursuit of worship, learning, and service. Founded in 1695, “KingCong” has always been a welcoming space of worship, prayer, and community directly across from the University of Rhode Island.  

Along with theatres, house concerts, and many other kinds of stages, Bobby is often invited to offer his stories and songs at faith communities around the nation. Among others, he has been invited to perform for The Wild Goose Festival, the international Emerge Conference, and the 2017 General Synod of the United Church of Christ. His music has won Song of the Year twice at West Coast Songwriter’s Association, and his work has appeared on radio, TV, and feature films. He has performed artist residencies, hosted songwriting workshops, and been involved in helping communities of all types use their spaces and voice in more creative and powerful ways. 

Bobby currently hails from Northern California, and is ecstatic any time he can discuss the big questions, challenge the easy answers, and inspire people to move closer to love. 

You can hear music, watch performances, and get information on catching a show at www.bobbyjovalentine.com. Learn more about Kingston Congregational Church at www.kingcongchurch.org

Purchase tickets online:  Eventbrite Ticket Link

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