Update on KCC Outreach Ministries

Called to Care: a New Caring/Visiting Ministry:

Ten individuals have participated in the Called to Care orientation meetings and are preparing to inaugurate a new visitation and caring program in the coming month, as COVID allows. Our Called to Care ministers will make a minimum of one visit a month to members and friends that could use a visit from a faithful friend. We will especially be reaching out to elderly members with mobility issues and others who could use some caring support. If you or anyone you know might appreciate being on our “Visitee” list, please let Rev. Jan or Janice Trottier, Called to Care Coordinators, know.

Helping Hands Ministry

There are now 12 volunteers helping out with the Helping Hands Ministry. We continue to provide meals where needed and assist those who need a ride to church. We are amazed, as we call people, to hear that many in our congregation are performing these services apart from HH. KCC is truly a caring community!

Let’s continue to be on the alert for those in need of these services and please call Erin Trodson or Carol MacKenzie so that we can contact our volunteers who are ready to serve where needed.

Food Insecurity Volunteers

Last week, we got a request to assist with food resources for a group of 30 homeless people in Providence. These folks were evicted from the tents they were living in, and were taken in by Christians to a temporary shelter against the winter weather.

We are hoping to get a small group of volunteers to help package, pick up and deliver meals on Wednesday nights in February. We are partnering with Peace Dale church, who cooks take-out meals on Wednesday nights. If you can help, please reply to this email, office@kingcongchurch.org or call the office, 401-783-5300. Thank you to Cindy Buxton, on the Board of Missions, for helping to coordinate this partnership with PDCC, in answering the call to help these people in need. See details here: PDCC Volunteers Info

A special “Thank You” to ALL our volunteers and secret helpers!

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