A Note from the Mexican Border

The KCC Board of Missions and Social Justice recently received this photo and letter from the Monastery Migrant Shelter in Tucson, Arizona:

“These are two women from Guatemala who were deported back to Mexico – all alone, exhausted and hungry. Your very generous donation allows us to welcome them into our aid center, and offer food, coffee, water, clothing, simple medical care and a loving smile. Our deep gratitude!!

Delle McCormick (who visited KCC in 2019 for our Emig lecture) has supported our ministry so profoundly, through her driving two hours each Sunday to welcome more than 100 women and men to her kind call given to her compassionate friends, asking for donations.

Since December, we have welcomed near 20,000 men and women whoa re courageously walking days in the desert to find a job that will allow them to offer a better life to their children. Many have suffered all forms of trauma during these days.

May God bless you, Rev. Jan and all your congregants for your solidarity.


Sister Judy


Sermon Text for Sunday, October 17, 2021 – 
“Secondhand Grace” can be found here.

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