Follow Me! Jesus’ invitation: John 1:35-61

This week, we begin a new program, called “Follow Me”, which is an all-ages curriculum and learning program meant to be integrated into the full life of a congregation: worship, education, fellowship, outreach. The Follow Me program focuses on the practices that Jesus taught and lived, with lessons and encouragement to live these practices in our lives today.

We’ll be following Jesus, as he invited his disciples like Peter and Andrew to do, saying “Follow me.” We’ll take one practice a month and dive in each week to that practice in worship through preaching and liturgy, in Christian education through Church School and A.C.E.S , and in fellowship through monthly all-age, intergenerational dinner gatherings to break bread and learn together across the generations with hands-on activities.

As you’ll see below in the Sunday schedule, the first month introduces the year-long theme of “Following Jesus.” In the months to come we’ll explore other practices Jesus taught and modeled, such as: welcoming all, live joy, honor Sabbath, do justice, and many more. Rev. Jan and the Christian Education Board deeply hope we will all learn many tools and ideas for following Jesus more closely in our day-to-day lives, and no matter our age, we will grow in more faithful living!

Our First Follow Me Practice: Follow Jesus Sept. 12 – John 1:35-61 – Accept Jesus’ Invitation

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