Second Sunday of Advent: See Hope

See Hope: 2nd Week of our “HOPE” unit/practice

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1:1-5, John 1:1-5
This second Sunday of Advent we are people who have seen a great light, the light of God shining in creation and the light of Christ that shines in our darkness. The metaphor of light helps us remember how hope is a beacon that guides us. Night is not our enemy, neither is darkness. But the fear that uncertainty and vulnerability engender can shut us off from each other and our best selves.

Today we light a candle called “Peace,” remembering there is a security that holds us in shadow and light. This Sunday, join Rev. Jan, Deacon Frank Lenox, Lora Hahn-Schubert, Enrico Garzilli & the KCC choir, Michelle Girasole, The DeLuise family and others for Sunday worship and communion.

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